Mental Health and Gymnastics

Brian Le Roux:

“I can only applaud Simone for making that decision,” he said. “She must have been suffering for a while and it’s just become too much and too hard for her to cope. I think it was a well-thought-out decision and certainly not a spur-of-the-moment thing. …

… she has brought a greater awareness of mental health in gymnastics and sport to the world; that’s a huge thing I’m taking away from these Olympic Games,” added Le Roux, who has invited sports psychologists to speak to his gymnasts in the past about the importance of mental health awareness.

“To do that on the stage that she did sent out such a strong message. To do that on the world stage was so important and for her to be bold enough to do it was huge and sets a great example for other athletes. …”

Local gymnastics coach applauds decision by Simone Biles to put mental health struggles on the mat

Author: Rick Mc

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